Guest Exhibitor, the virtual exhibition

Image Size
All images must be supplied in jpg format and must be adjusted and corrected
in color, sharpness, contrast mm.Vi does not perform it!
Required image size:
Thumbnails: 120 pixels on the longest side.
The larger images: Minimum 500 pixels and Maximum 1024 pixels on the longest side

This is normally done by the guest exhibitor.
We can of course help with that for a small fee.

Cost to exhibit is 5 Euro per week for a maximum of 20 images.
This includes a separate page with the same look as our exhibition site,
we upload the photos, write a description of the show
and put a link to your website, blog or similar.
Any pricing, sale or distribution of images
will be taken care of by the guest exhibitor himself.
We take no commission on any sales.

Want more than 20 photos to the exhibition? Please contact us.

After the show
When the exhibition period has expired, the larger images will be deleted.
Thumbnails remains below a link that refers to previous exhibitions.
There will also be your name and a link to your website to stay,
so people can find back to you.
If you prefer, we will remove you entirely,
and even deleting the thumbnails.

How to do?
Contact us via e-mail about how long you want the exhibition to last,
number of images and also a description of the exhibition.
You send the pictures, after we contacted you, on CD or email.
Please note that CD´s will not be returned
and will be destroyed after the exhibition.
Remember to send in:
Your name.
Your website address. (If you have some, it is not necessary)
Name of the exhibition.
Image titles, or image description for each image (If you want it).

Number the pictures in the order you want them viewed.
The images are numbered 01, 02, 03 and so on.